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Testimonials and Recommendations


“I have known Alan most of my professional career. He is a very good player and on occasion has appeared with me on stage in recital. His knowledge of the flute and flute playing is truly amazing. It is founded on a lifetime of dealing and buying used instruments. I am happy to recommend him for all your flute needs.”

Sir James Galway


“I love VintageFluteShop and have bought several flutes from them. David and Alan really know what’s what, so you can feel secure you are looking at the best of the best and there will be no unpleasant surprises. Their descriptions are accurate and based on decades of experience.

There is nothing made today which can compare with the complex sounds that come from older instruments and the increased harmonics which happen in longer scales. Now is a great time to dive in if you are curious. The prices are so reasonable, and these are treasures for a discerning ear.”

Gary Schocker
Internationally acclaimed flutist and composer


To my Dear friend of over 50 years—Alan Weiss—I would to thank you for doing an excellent job in selling my 14 K Muramatsu! It was a pleasure making the recordings - together! (2011) Alan is an outstanding flutist and businessman and an expert on All Things - Flute! Please check out our YouTube recordings - from Virtuoso Flute Trios! I hope will continue to prosper! Best Always!

Paul Fried
Former flutist Boston and Pittsburgh Symphonies, numerous movies and recordings.


“Alan Weiss and David Chu are, in my opinion, the perfect team as experts on the very best antique and pre-owned modern flutes. Their knowledge of flutes has been very useful to me with excellent results both in restoration and with invaluable advice. Alan is a fine professional flutist highly regarded in international flute circles with whom I have had the pleasure to collaborate on many occasions.”

Claudi Arimany
International Flute Soloist


“Alan Weiss is a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in vintage flutes!

His wisdom, combined with his great sensitivity, passion for music and exceptional taste have always enriched and inspired us. We always look forward to our next meeting with him and the opportunity to listen to his beautiful flute playing.

We can think of no better team than Alan Weiss and David Chu to breathe new life into vintage flutes!

Jörg- Rainer Lafin and Julie Lafin
Lafin headjoints


“Alan Weiss is a treasure to the flute community and its industry. His wealth of knowledge as a performer, teacher and a historian of all things flute are vital to the preservation of flutemaker legacies around the globe.”

Valerie Coleman-Page


“Alan Weiss is distinguished as one of the top internationally known flutists. His artistry extends beyond his performance ability. He has a vast knowledge of the technical aspect of flute production as well as the marketing and merchandising of the instrument. As the owner and founder of the original Flute World Company, I had the pleasure of working with Alan for many years and appreciated his honesty and dedication to providing the best product to the customer.”

Shaul Ben-Meir
Former flutist Detroit Symphony
Founder and former owner of the Flute World Company


“I’ve known Alan a long time, he’s a Caballero and fine flutist, a refined man with a wide cultural horizon. His knowledge about history and high quality antique and pre-owned modern flutes is unsurpassed. I have two flutes that I bought from and they are authentic jewels—masterpieces that I enjoy as art objects and musical playable instruments, discovering through them the real colors of the Böhm flute, I highly recommend”

Horacio Parravicini
First flute, Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, Spain


“It was with my great pleasure to recommend to you esteemed flutist Alan Weiss and! I have had the great pleasure of knowing Alan for 30 years as he was my beloved flute professor from whom I learned so much. Alan is a first-rate flutist and teacher having performed in major orchestras, chamber ensembles, solos, and recordings. His knowledge of antique flutes and their history is unsurpassed. I myself have purchased several very fine and rare Louis Lot flutes from Alan and his advice is perfect. His business partner David Chu has a renowned worldwide reputation as a restorer of all vintage flutes especially French. If any flutist from the USA to Asia to Europe to South America desires a great vintage flute or pre-owned modern flute, VintageFluteShop is the very best!”

Guoliang Han
Principal flutist, China National Symphony
Professor of Flute, Beijing Central Conservatory


“In the field of vintage or historical flutes, there are few experts with the passion and depth of knowledge as Alan Weiss. His visits to the Carnegie Mellon Flute Studio are always inspiring and informative, and his expertise is evident to all of us who share with him the fascination with our flute heritage.”

Alberto Almarza
Professor of Flute, Carnegie Mellon University
Director, The Consummate Flutist


“I have always thought that there are many wonderful and sometimes magical ways in which music performance occurs. Music performance is a trained and intelligent use of our senses which not only requires great physical skills, but an understanding and appreciation of the instrument itself.  As an audience listens to beautiful music being played, I wonder how many understand the somewhat complicated process that led to the performance.  First, a composer had to write it. Then a musician not only needs finely trained technical skills, but a keen understanding of what message the composer is sending. Then, for the best results a fine instrument which is in excellent condition is required to finally send this message to our ears. It has been said that “visual art is frozen music.”  Notes on a page must be deciphered by a performer to release their meaning and the instrument used by the performer is how we finally connect with the composer.

I am most fortunate to have two friends whose talents intertwine in a remarkable way. David Chu and Alan Weiss have created a small, personal enterprise called The Vintage Flute Shop. This combination joins two gentlemen with a love of past generation flutes.

I have often played with Alan, both here in Massachusetts as well as abroad. His warm personality is reflected in his playing and together with an impeccable technique, he creates a thoughtful sensitivity to the composer’s message instead of  superimposing his own. It is for this reason, that having heard his many fine recordings with others and remembering, with fondness, our many concerts together I can say with certainty that he is a most skilled performer who has a great love for great music and great instruments!

David Chu is something like a fine winemaker who follows the planting, care, harvest and days of blending and tasting that result in a fine wine. His technical understanding of flute mechanics is not unlike a process that starts with a seed and winds up with a gold medal. I have watched him touch my instruments with more than great care. He becomes involved with every aspect of a flute and his extremely fine ability to restore an older instrument to the loving condition a fine maker had first endowed it with is a truly remarkable gift. As the owner of several vintage instruments by fine makers, there is only one person I trust for any kind of repair and that’s David.

So, at last, there’s now finally one place you can feel truly confident about that will meet any and every need for flutists of all ages and abilities.”

William Wittig
Professor Emeritus, Smith College
Retired Principal Flute, Springfield Symphony Orchestra
Retired member of London, (England) Chamber Players


“I have known Alan for many years. We have worked and performed together. He is a wonderful flutist, and he has also a great talent for finding unique flutes. I always trust his instinct in finding great flutes. I wish him all the best.”

Gaspar Hoyos
Principal Flute, Opéra National de Lorraine, France


“I have known and worked with Alan Weiss for nearly thirty years and have been honored to call him a friend and colleague. Alan is the utmost professional and it is truly a pleasure playing music with him either on the orchestral stage or in a chamber music setting.

His knowledge of flutes and the history of flutes and flute-playing is second to none, which is evidenced by his enthusiasm on the subject, and he has been an enormous help to me in navigating changes and upgrades to my equipment. I’ve never been disappointed in his recommendations.

I play on a head joint crafted by David Chu many years ago. It remains one of the most magical head joints I have ever played and I am well aware how lucky I am to be able to do so every day. Additionally, as someone who plays traditional Irish music on vintage wooden flutes, it is reassuring to know that David is there to maintain and improve them if needed.

Ellen Redman
Piccolo, Springfield Symphony Orchestra
Instructor of Flute and Irish flute, Smith College


“Alan is a fantastic flutist and a sensitive musician. He is a dear friend and we have made music together and shared opinions that went deep into the intellectual matters of our craft. His knowledge of historical aspects regarding flute and flute making, add to the incredible treat it would be for students to study with him. He runs the Vintage Flute Pro Shop, which I also highly recommend for anyone looking for real special flutes, that have that "certain sound". You won't be sorry. I am happy to know Alan, as a colleague and dear friend.”

Sergio Pallottelli
International Soloist
lute faculty Longy School of Music
Artistic Director - FLAUTI AL CASTELLO Masterclasses


“At the very first event of the Budapest Flute Academy in 2016, we had the honor of welcoming Alan Weiss to Hungary. Alan is not just a world-class flutist, but a powerful expert who has dedicated his life to the flute. I hardly know a more knowledgeable artist who has as much knowledge in almost every field of the flute as Alan.”

Szabolcs Szilágyi
Member of the Concerto Budapest
Founder and artistic director of the Budapest Flute Academy


“I've met Alan not so long ago, and I can only say that it was a wonderful surprise. Alan was so gentle and helped me to find the flute I was dreaming about for such a long time! His knowledge goes way beyond the instrument itself: about its history, its sound. A few talks with him was enough for him to have an idea of exactly what I was looking for and of course, thanks to his good instinct and sensitivity, he brought to me the right flute. And I would do it all over. I absolutely trust him to find a unique and wonderful flute!”

Rute Fernandes
Co-principal flute Zurich Opera


“Alan Weiss and David Chu are the perfect match for a special enterprise such as David Chu is a wonderful craftsman and Alan Weiss is a very fine flutist. They both have fundamental knowledge about these instruments and everyone can absolutely trust their advice.

I have had the pleasure to know Alan Weiss many years. We performed together in Europe and the USA. He presented a very remarkable lecture about vintage flutes during the German Flute Festival 2019 in Hamburg entitled “The Golden Age of the Flute“. He is an expert about vintage and modern Boehm flutes especially from the golden age, as well as flute historical culture.

I wish him and all the best for their future.”

Jürgen Franz
NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra Hamburg
Prof. Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg
International Flute soloist


“I had the great pleasure of meeting Alan Weiss at the Galway Academy in Switzerland in 2018 and subsequently hosting him in Malta for lectures and masterclasses. Alan is an enthusiastic and engaging, as well as knowledgeable speaker. He is passionate about the history of the flute and a font of information and experience.

I look forward to learning more from him in the future!”

Rebecca Farrugia Hall
Principal flute Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and lecturer in Flute and baroque studies, University of Malta


“I have known Alan for several years and have always admired his incredible knowledge and understanding of flutes and flutists. He is very well known and respected through the entire industry for both his skill as a flute player and knowledge as an industry specialist as well as his professionalism and kind and understanding manner. Alan Weiss is a gentleman and an asset to the flute community.”

Stephen Clark
International Flute Soloist


“Alan Weiss is a real professional, not only a fine flutist. His extensive knowledge of and passion for the flute is truly impressive. Over the years, he has played an important role, advising me in making decisions regarding my choice of flutes. With competence and humor, he always led me in the right direction! I truly respect and admire Alan as a colleague and friend and can only recommend the Vintage Flute Shop!!”

Pamela Stahel
Flutist/Piccoloist Zurich Opera
Lecturer Zurich University of the Arts


“Alan Weiss and David Chu offer the most powerful combination of flute knowledge and technology to all aspects of flute playing. Their knowledge of the history and mechanics of the instrument makes them THE prime source for repairing and buying and selling instruments without rivals anywhere including all other flute makers!”

Daniel Morgenstern
Former Principal Flute, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra


“When it comes to vintage flutes there is only one place to go: where Alan Weiss and his business partner, David Chu will guide you towards the flute of your dreams. I have known Alan since our first day of classes as freshman flute majors at Boston University’s College for the Arts. He and I shared many of the same teachers and we have very similar taste when it comes to flutes and flute playing. I can attest to his almost uncanny ability to match a flutist with his or her ideal instrument, as he has helped me to find superb flutes over the years. Alan and David are the gold standard of flute experts, with the greatest selection of quality vintage instruments and the highest level of professional attention imaginable.”

Sabina Laurain
Principal Flute, Orquesta Sinfónica del Estado de México
Flute Professor, Conservatorio de Música del Estado de México


Los Caballeros del Traverso, and on their behalf Juan Jesús Silguero Gorriti, with ID 15248323J, as secretary and resident of  Bilbao, C / Correo 16 C.P. 48005 [Spain]


Since the founding in 2008 of the world’s only Chivalric Order dedicated to the flute, Alan Weiss has been invited as a collaborator and Artist for his worth and professionalism as a flutist, a great expert of our instrument, being a highly qualified and experienced person in vintage instruments, flutes from the late 19th and early 20th centuries and all aspects related to the history, manufacture, and evolution of the flute.

He has participated with us in numerous concerts with great critical and public success and has given Master Classes in various cities in Spain such as Madrid, Bilbao, Barcelona, and Burgos.

We recommend Vintage Flute Shop as one of the leading stores specializing in flutes, both ancient and modern, where one can find all kinds of instruments with true consistency, having the personalized advice of Alan Weiss, one of the most popular flute players featured on the international scene.

      Bilbao, October 15, 2020

Juan Jesús Silguero Gorriti
Pearl Flute Artist, Yamaha Artist, Julio Hernández Flutes Artist


For more information please email Alan Weiss at