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Consignments and Purchases of Used Flutes/Pre-Owned Flutes

We do purchase some used flutes outright as well as accept flutes on consignment. We consider high-quality pre-owned artist flutes such as: Louis Lot, Rive, Godfroy, Bonneville, Brannen, Powell, Haynes, et al. Our customers are interested in professional models such as the handmade with soldered toneholes with open holes and commercial/regular flutes with drawn toneholes and plateau cups. We do seek gold and gold/silver flutes as well.


Most of our flutes do sell within 6 months unlike many of our competitors who have the same flutes listed for years! Alan and David know their customer base well and have an international wait-list for certain flutes.


We retail your instruments for the agreed upon retail price on our website and social media. We make our best recommendation for a realistic selling price upon physical examination based on playability, condition, and rarity.


We do need to have possession of your instruments for a minimum of 6 months (unless it sells sooner). 


If you are interested in a consignment or sale please contact us directly with a complete description of your flute or piccolo including brand, model, serial number as well as photos including the engraving, embouchure, and condition of the pads. If you do not know the model or material we can determine it for you. Once we review the photos we will send you the complete Consignment Terms Agreement (containing commission rates and shipping information) for your review.





For more information please email Alan Weiss at