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Welcome to where we specialize in a limited number of high quality restored French flutes, vintage Haynes, and old Powells. Distinguished flutemaker David Chu and acclaimed flutist Alan Weiss are pleased to offer their many years of expertise to both players and collectors. All of these flutes play at the highest levels and may suit both players and collectors. We also buy, trade, and consign a limited amount of these rare instruments as well. If you are in the market for a particular flute not listed please let us know. We deal in real market pricing based on previous actual sales. Trials are offered in the Boston area. Sales are fully refundable, less shipping costs, within 5 business days.  

For any flute purchased we offer one virtual mini-lesson with our own flutist Alan Weiss! Alan can help you adjust to your new flute and evaluate your overall playing.  

Flutes For Sale

Louis Lot Flute S/N 3812

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For more information please email Alan Weiss at