Louis Lot s/n 3812

Ultralight & Elegant Debonneetbeau

Louis Lot Flute serial #3812, made in 1884. Silver plated, silver lipplate, handmade French model, soldered tone holes, open hole, pointed arms, 2 adjustment screws, inline G, C-foot, Bb shake, .016" seamed tube, blue steel springs, original pad retainers, felt pads.

Lot #3812 was made while Debonneetbeau was the owner of the Louis Lot workshop. It is listed as the #7 model on the Louis Lot price list. One of Debonneetbeau’s distinctive characteristics is his refined small left hand key cups. This style was falling out of favor as larger tone holes were believed to produce a louder sound. However, this concept only pertains to the right hand and footjoint tone holes. Having uniform key sizes covering two different-sized tone holes of the left and right hand is not logical. Debonneetbeau was the last proponent of this rational approach to cup sizes and our flute serves as a superb illustration of his brilliance.

Our flute is all original with very little plating wear. The mechanism has gummed up from lack of use, the pads are worn, there is a repaired split on the headjoint tenon, a few minor dents, otherwise, the flute is intact and free from mistreatment by dubious repair people. At just under 13 ounces, this flute is incredibly lightweight, making it a dream for any flutist seeking a feathery instrument. The headjoint has a relatively small embouchure hole. We tested it on another plated Lot and it was remarkable, capturing all the intricacies and beauties befitting a French flute. It comes in the original French case in poor condition.

Maker's marks are on both the headjoint and the body, serial number on headjoint only. Engraving is very crisp.


The embouchure hole measures 10.0 x 11.9 mm.

Sounding length is 600 mm.

Headjoint length is 8-15/16”.

The flute weighs 368 grams.

Please see detailed photos below.

Sorry, it is sold.



















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