Haynes s/n 36572

One of the Last Golden Age Haynes

Wm. S. Haynes Flute serial #36572, made in 1968. Solid silver, handmade French model, soldered tone holes, open hole, pointed arms, no adjustment screws, inline G, C-foot, Bb shake, .013” tubing, forged keys and touches, gold springs, felt pads, traditional scale, A=440.

The year 1968 marked the conclusion of the Golden Age period for Haynes flutes. The musical landscape of the 1970s brought about some important changes. The unexpected emergence of Japanese flutes and the Cooper scale caught many by surprise. Despite these shifts, Haynes continued its traditions and maintained its standing as a leading producer of high-end flutes. Powell's influence dwindled, with the passing of Verne Q. in 1968 and Kincaid the year before. Almeida was on the brink of departing from Powell to establish his own workshop. A new generation of flutemakers and players was poised to carry on the legacy of their predecessors and make improvements. Nevertheless, 1968 remains a significant vintage for Haynes flutes. Noteworthy customers from that year included Aurèle Nicolet, Joseph Mariano, Herbie Mann, Frank Wess, Louis Moyse, Harold Bennett, Sam Baron, James Pellerite, Robert Willoughby, Fenwick Smith, and many others.

Due to its current non-playable condition, Haynes #36572 is being offered at a very low price. With a proper overhaul, it can be restored to its original condition. There are no damages or unsightly repairs to the flute, and it is free from rust, displaying only some surface scratches. The headjoint is well-cut and produces a strong, impressive sound, as demonstrated when tested in another Haynes flute of similar vintage. It has a #9 taper. The flute comes in its original case in well-used condition.

Maker’s mark and serial number on body only, monogram on headjoint.

The embouchure hole measures 10.2 x 12.3 mm.

Sounding length is 601 mm.

Headjoint length is 8-7/8”.

The flute weighs 392 grams.

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $2,500 USD, $60 shipping to USA.



















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