Louis Lot body with Dorus G#

A Treasure from the Villette Period

This is a solid silver Louis Lot -  French model, C-foot, from the Villette period, with an extremely rare Dorus G# key. BODY ONLY. Judging from the shape of the ribs and the presence of one adjusting screw on the footjoint, we estimate the date of manufacture to be around 1877-79. This is a very early Villette, borderline a first generation Louis Lot flute. The Dorus G# mechanism option was removed from the Lot pricelist in 1870, there is little doubt that this flute was a special custom order item. The Dorus G# relieves the strain of the left hand to keep the open G# key closed, and helped to popularize the modern closed G# fingering system and acceptance of Böhm flutes. Due to the lack of a back G# tonehole and key cup, the flute is incredibly resonant. The blue steel springs are original, as are the pad washers and spuds. Hall mark and maker's marks on the footjoint end ring. The barrel has been replaced with what seems to be a Powell barrel, which is slightly shorter than the original. Otherwise, the flute is untouched and in exceptional preservation. Pads and mechanism are in good adjustements. Some tarnish on the body and keys.

Flute plays well at A=440 Hz with our assortment of vintage French and American headjoints. This body has an absolutely gorgeous tone and the resonance that is often associated with Villette period Louis Lot instruments. It comes in a period leather French case in well used condition.

This is an excellent opportunity for a performer and collector to own a rare vintage Lot of the Villette period, priced at $5,800.


HALLMARKED: V#H & Boar’s Head

The flute body weighs 325 grams.

Centerjoint length: 14-7/16”

Footjoint length: 5-3/16”

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $5,800 with free USA shipping only..  

















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