Powell S/N 1360

Old Powell – Body Only – Fantastic Value

Powell Flute #1360, made in 1954, drawn tone hole Commercial Model, body only, solid silver, open hole, C-foot, in line G, Bb shake, gold springs, no adjusting screws, A=440 traditional scale.

Commercial Powells are fantastic flutes; this one is no exception, made when Verne Q. Powell was at his prime. Of the 2000 or so instruments that Powell produced before his retirement in 1961, only about 650 were Commercial Model flutes, far fewer than their Handmade counterpart.

 #1360 is in very good condition, the felt pads are older and covering very well, normal wear in the mechanism, not perfect, but quite acceptable, no dents, some tarnish from used. Powell himself did the engravings on both the body and footjoint. It was unfortunate that #1360 no longer has its original headjoint that Powell made. It does afford the new owner ample opportunities to find a headjoint that would compliment his/her playing style. We have tried several headjoints in #1360 and found the body to be quite resonance and responsive. The barrel accepts an 0.016” headjoint.  

Maker’s mark on both body and footjoint. Serial number on body only.

Mark: logo/VERNE Q. POWELL/BOSTON/1360

It comes in a French case in good condition.

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $2,300 USD, $55 shipping to USA. International shipping rates vary by country, please inquire.











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