Louis Lot s/n 3186

John Wummer’s Silver Villette

John Wummer was one of the great America flutists of the 20th Century. He played first flute in the New York Philharmonic from 1943 to 1965, and frequently performed with Pablo Casals. In addition to editing volumes of flute music, Wummer has recorded  the complete Bach and Handel Sonatas. The flutes that Wummer owned are legendary. Among them, perhaps the most important, are: Powell #4, Powell # 60 - a very thin gold flute, and Powell #357 – a platinum flute, later played by Donald Peck in the Chicago Symphony. But the flute he kept to the end of his life was this silver Louis Lot.

Louis Lot #3186 - made in 1882 during the final years of Villette’s ownership of the Louis Lot workshop, extremely rare B-foot, .014” seamed tube construction,  French model, soldered tone holes, hall marks and maker’s marks on the body and footjoint rings, needle steel springs, adjustment screws, Bb shake (modified from the original B/C shake), tear drop D# touch. Pad retainers have been updated to modern screw type, the right hand adjustments screws have been modified, headjoint is shortened about 2 mm with the ring moved up the same distance, the embouchure hole is on the large side, probably recut at one time, and very well done. The flute is in good condition and adjustments, pads seal well. The tube is straight and without any dents. There is some tarnish.  

It is without surprise that John Wummer’s silver Louis Lot is a fantastic playing flute. The sound is round, full and vibrant in all registers, full of colors. The tone quality is very even and smooth from note to note. There is the right balance of resistance and openness which makes for a quick response and good agility. For a B-foot flute, it feels very light and comfortable in the hands.

Maker’s marks are on both the headjoint and the body, serial number on the body only. Engraving is very good.


The embouchure hole measures 10.41 x 13.08 mm

The flute weighs 422 grams.

Acoustic Length: 639 mm. Headjoint measures 9”.

#3186 comes in a vintage Haynes French case. 

Please see detailed photos below.

Sorry, it is sold.  

















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