Louis Lot s/n 8582

Joseph Rampal’s Silver Louis Lot

It's great privilege and honor for us to be representing this flute for offer: Louis Lot #8582 once belonged to Joseph Rampal. It is the best playing and most unique French flute we have encountered over the years. We will assure you that the tonal properties of this flute are better than just about any first generation Louis Lot or Villette. It comes to us from the estate of Jean-Pierre Rampal and it was played for many decades as the main flute of his father Joseph Rampal. We will provide the purchaser a signed copy of provenance. It is French model no. 5 in silver to low C made in 1915 and has an 18K plum gold embouchure and riser. Nominal scale is A=435, but plays easily to 440. The flute has silver hallmarks everywhere, though there is no hall mark on the gold embouchure. The flute is in excellent condition with moderate tarnish from use. Players will not find a better playing vintage flute and collectors will not have a chance to obtained a flute owned by both Joseph and Jean-Pierre Rampal. Please contact us for the price on this important instrument.

Maker’s mark on both headjoint and body, serial number on headjoint only


The embouchure hole measures 10.03 x 12.19 mm

The flute weighs 404 grams.

Acoustic Length: 600 mm. Headjoint measures 8-3/4”.

#8582 comes in a small unique French case in fair condition. 

Please see detailed photos below.

Price upon request. 





















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