Louis Lot s/n 6926

A Very Elegant Silver Lot

This solid silver Louis Lot French model flute, serial #6926, is from 1902. It plays very beautifully. It is sweet as sugar with a buttery legato. Open hole, inline G, C-foot, normal Bb-B shake, blue steel springs, pitched at A=438. The solder and condition is near mint, not one dent or scratch. Some tarnish from age. Pads with the original French style pad washers are a few years old, and it has been checked and adjusted. Mechanism is free and not gummed up, very little play between keys and between sections. It comes in a non-original but useable professional case.

This Lot is an excellent example of the evolution of Louis Lot flutes and modern players will find it perfectly playable with that famous “French timbre.” It is not a loud flute in terms of volume, but projects extremely well. The embouchure hole is small, elegant and beautifully cut. It is very light weighing 405 grams.

Maker’s marks are on both the headjoint and the body, serial number on the headjoint only.



The embouchure hole measures at 10.11 x 11.89 mm. It is all original. Headjoint has been shortened about 4 mm.

The flute weighs 405 grams.

Sounding length is 600 mm

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $5,500 with free USA shipping only.   





















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