Louis Lot s/n 4999

Rare Cocuswood Louis Lot

Wooden cylindrical Louis Lot flutes are much more rare than their metal counter part. It is because there were less made and many of them didn’t survive the test of time. This one is made of cocuswood, silver keys, French model open hole, in-line G, pointed arms, no adjustment screws, B/C shake, C-foot.

#4999 wooden Louis Lot is one of the best preserved wood Lots we have seen over the years. Wood Lots are not easy to come by in any condition let alone a perfect specimen. This flute was made during the Barat era at the turn of the century. The cocuswood is in extremely good condition and age darkened to a deep brown color. There are two repaired cracks on the headjoint. The embouchure hole is original. Keywork is beautiful and in fine adjustment. Pads cover well, they have been in place for many years, expertly installed. The flute has received Gary Lewis’ retuning solution, done in wax, and fully reversible. Normally, this flute would play around A=438, the retuning has helped it to comfortably play at a very good A=440 scale. The sound is mysterious and engaging, it can be open or reedy at the whim of the player. The flute vibrates in your hands, a sign of a very good flute. Flute comes in its original case in fair condition.

Maker’s mark on the headjoint, footjoint and the body. Serial number on body only.


The embouchure hole measures 10.57 x 12.12 mm.

Sounding length is 601 mm.

Headjoint length is 9-3/8”.

The flute weighs 462 grams.

Please see detailed photos below.

Sorry, it is sold.



















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