Louis Lot S/N 2494

Villette with a B-Foot

Louis Lot #2494 was made in 1878 during the Villette period. This was the second year after Villette acquired the company from Louis Lot himself. (Please see our article "“On Villette And Other Musings” in the Articles section.) This flute is in pristine original condition in every way. All original crown, headjoint never shortened, French model to low B, original pad washers and bushings, never modernized, embouchure completely original and untouched. This is an extremely rare French flute which plays incredibly beautifully. It has a dark sound yet quite vibrant. The response is closer to modern flute with an easy high register, and full round low notes. This flute comes from the private collection of Alan Weiss. It plays extremely well at modern pitch. The flute has been overhauled by David Chu and well-maintained. It comes in its original case in decent shape, the key and key plate are missing. The flute is fully hallmarked. There is a fine hairline crack on the top of the Bb kicker but it does not have any negative effect on the function of the mechanism. Trill is B-C which can actually be used as a C# trill along with the C1 key. Villette flutes rarely come up for sale especially a B-foot example in this condition and this level of playability. Price is $17,500 USD.

Maker’s marks are on both the headjoint and the body, serial number on headjoint only. Engraving is very crisp.



The embouchure hole measures at 10.29 x 11.81 mm.

Headjoint length is 9-1/16”.

The flute weighs 433 grams.

Sounding length is 640 mm.

It comes in its own Louis Lot case French case in fair condition. Key includ.

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $17,500 with free USA shipping only.




















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