Louis Lot S/N 2466

Silver Plated Body with Original Solid Silver Headjoint

Louis Lot, #2466 was made in 1878 during the second year of Villette’s ownership of the Louis Lot workshop. The flute body is silver plated and the headjoint is solid silver, both have matching serial numbers. It was unusual that Villette paired a silver headjoint with a “tin” body. Tin Louis Lot flutes often have silver lipplates - a practice that was not commonly shared by his contemporaries. Louis Lot must prefer the warmer sound of a silver blowing edge and formulated this combination. An entire silver headjoint would further the cause as demonstrated by the full tone of Lot #2466.

Lot #2466 has a C-foot, B/C shake, needle springs, original pad retainers, adjusting screws, tear drop D# key. The plating has some bubbling on the footjoint and is quite worn around the key cup. The lipplate is not original but one from another Louis Lot. The embouchure hole is original to the transplanted lipplate and has the classic shape and dimensions. The pads are older and sealing well. The flute is in good mechanical order. It plays and responds very well and quite strong in all three registers. Pitch A=438, works at 440. The flute comes in a generic French case.

For more information on Villette period Louis Lot flutes, please see the article “On Villette And Other Musings” in the article section of the Vintage Flute Shop website.

Maker’s mark and serial number on both the headjoint and the body. Engraving is fair.


The embouchure hole measures at 10.13 x 11.81 mm.

Headjoint length is 8-3/4”.

The flute weighs 375 grams.

Sounding length is 600 mm.

It comes in a generic French case.

Please see detailed photos below.

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