Lebret s/n 4753

 An Under Appreciated French Maker

Louis Lebret was the last great French flute maker coming from the distinguished lineage of Godfroy and Louis Lot, closing the first act of the Boehm flute industry in Paris. The following act would take place in another great city – Boston, U.S.A.

Lebret #4753 was made around the late 1920’s. It has the very distinct “Art Noveau” key work and squared off ribs, silver plated body and mechanism, open hole, in-line G, Bb shake, C-foot, tear drop D#. Two of the pad washers were converted to modern style spud and screw type. There are some plating wear from use and around the embouchure hole. Much surface tarnished. Restoration work was done about 20 years ago, and the flute has been played copiously. It is in need of service. A fresh overhaul will be expected to bring this flute back to its former glory.

Maker’s marks on the barrel and lipplate, serial number on the barrel only.


The embouchure hole measures 10.59 x 12.7 mm

The flute weighs 401 grams.

Acoustic Length: 605 mm. Headjoint has not been shortened, measures 9”.

#4753 comes in a newer French leather covered case in good condition.

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $1,000, $55 shipping to USA.




















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