Haynes Wood Flute

A Very Early Haynes Flute

This is an very unique Wm. S. Haynes flute in the key of C. It is completely in its original state, with case, wood grease pot, two metal end caps and crutch. It is of grenadilla wood with solid silver mechanism, C-foot with double rollers, plateau cups, Y-arms, adjusting screws, gold springs, pitched at A=435Hz, open G# key, reversed thumb keys set up similar to Boehm's original design. There is no serial number on the center joint and no sign of serial number being removed or worn down. We dated this flute to before 1903 based on the Haynes logo and key cup design. The center joint is marked Wm. S. Haynes, Boston, Mass with Haynes monogram on both the headjoint and foot. Other than needing new pads, the flute is in remarkable condition with no wear. There is only a small crack on the headjoint at the socket. The few notes which can currently be played sound beautiful and rich. The pads are quite old and may be original. The flute will require a complete overhaul to restore it to playing condition. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire an historical important flute at a very reasonable price.

Maker’s mark on the body only, monogram on headjoint and footjoint.

Mark: Wm. S. HAYNES/(line with circle)/BOSTON.MASS.

The embouchure hole measures at 10.29 x 11.91 mm.

Headjoint length is 9-1/4”.

The flute weighs 485 grams.

Sounding length is 606 mm.

It comes in the original leather covered French case.

Please see detailed photos below.

Sorry, it is sold..





















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