Haynes S/N 46976

Boxwood Piccolo

Wm. S. Haynes boxwood piccolo serial #46976, made in 1982, conical boxwood body and headjoint, silver keys, Bb shake, gold springs, A=440.

This is a truly special boxwood piccolo, the only one Haynes ever made using the most desirable tone wood since Bach’s time. It was made when The Wm. S. Haynes Company was under Lou Deveau’s leadership. Besides running the company as owner and general manager, Deveau hand cut many of the piccolo embouchures himself.

Piccolo #46976 is in good condition. There is a fair bit of tarnish on the handmade silver keys from use. The pads are older, with some finger pressure, they do seal well for casual playing. A repad would be recommended for professional use. The mechanism is excellent, good key action, no sluggishness. The blonde wood has picked up some dirt from years of playing and handling – the nature of boxwood. The headjoint is a slightly different color than the body, probably from repeated oiling over the years. No crack. The tone is beautiful throughout, very warm sounding and responsive. It comes in its original French case in decent condition.

This Haynes boxwood piccolo is a highly collectible instrument due to its extreme rarity and it can also be used in a modern orchestral setting – the best of both worlds.

The embouchure hole measures at 9.7 x 11.4 mm.

Headjoint length is 5-1/8”.

The piccolo weighs 152 grams.

Sounding length is 265 mm.

It comes in the original French case.

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $4,500 USD, $75 shipping to USA. International shipping rates vary by country, please inquire.








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