Haynes s/n 45367

Samuel Baron’s Haynes Flute

Wm. S. Haynes Flute serial #45367, made in 1979. Solid silver, handmade French model, soldered tone holes, open hole, pointed arms, no adjustment screws, inline G, B-foot, Bb shake, .013” tubing, forged keys and touches, gold springs.

The original owner of this flute was the late Samuel Baron, renowned flutist, conductor and teacher, most famous for his tenure at the Bach Aria Group as flutist and conductor. This flute is in fair used condition, some light scratches and tarnish, a few small dents. It was converted to Straubingers pads at one time. The back G# pad is torn and will need replacement.

This Haynes flute was made during a time when Muramatsu was gaining a foothold in the American flute market; the Brannen brothers just hired away half of Powell’s workers to start up their own shop, leaving Powell with nothing but flute orders that they could not fill; and two years before the Deveau scale was introduced. The square-ish embouchure on #45367 was the first sign to give away the market pressure that Haynes felt. The headjoint, mated to a body from their traditional old school workmanship, was still able to keep up with changing times. The sound of this flute is bolder and slightly brighter than some of their older models. The colors are still pleasing and varied, the response is more direct. This Haynes sits between the old and the new, a cross road that Lewis Deveau - long time worker and new owner of Haynes since 1976 - stood and pondered his next move. Future hasn’t happened yet!

Maker’s mark and serial number on body only, monogram on headjoint.

The embouchure hole measures 10.24 x 12.01 mm.

Sounding length is 638 mm.

Headjoint length is 8-7/8”.

The flute weighs 439 grams.

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $3,250 USD, $75 shipping to USA. International shipping rates vary by country, please inquire.



















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