Haynes s/n 27155

A Fine Golden Age Haynes Flute

Haynes #27155 handmade solid silver French open hole flute from 1957. It has soldered tone holes, 0.012” tubing, in-line G, Bb shake, white gold springs, C-foot.

Golden Age Haynes flutes are hard to come by not because they are rare, but because they are special and their owners seldom want to part with them. The late1950s was a very successful time for The Wm. S. Haynes Company. Other than selling the now famous solid gold flute to Jean-Pierre Rampal, they also sold flutes to many symphony players and prominent teachers. The list includes Julius Baker (New York), Thomas Nyfenger (Yale), Maurice Sharp (Cleveland), Robert Cavally (Cincinnati, Editor), John Kiburz (St. Louis), Laurent Torno (St. Louis), Phillip Kaplan (Boston), George Madsen (Boston), Ethan Stang (Pittsburgh), John Oberbrunner (Syracuse), Per Řien (Oslo, Norway) and many others.

Haynes #27155 is a fine example from this particular era. The sound is very bold, brilliant but sweet and beautiful at the same time, quick response, very colorful from top to bottom, full of character. The flute vibrates strongly in the player’s hands and feels balanced and remarkably light. It is in excellent condition, keys are tight, pads are covering well. It comes in the original case with the original cleaning rod that was made in-house by hand.

Maker’s mark and serial number on body only, monogram on headjoint.

The embouchure hole measures at 10.25 x 12.32 mm.

Headjoint length is 8-15/16 inches.

The flute weighs 386 grams.

Sounding length is 600 mm.

It comes in the original leather covered French case in fair condition except for the broken leather hinge now done up with black tape.

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $4,250 with free USA shipping only.










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