Haynes s/n 18385

A Lovely Vintage Haynes with #9 Taper

Haynes silver flute #18385, made in 1945, French model, C foot, Bb shake, gold springs, coin silver, an exceptionally good A=440Hz. It is one of the early thin wall flutes preceding the golden age flutes of the 1950’s. The tubing is less than .013” through out, light as a feather. This is a rare pre-1950’s open hole French model as Haynes was making mostly commercial models in those days. This flute has the sweetest most delicate sound with a very light and easy high register. Although the scale is 440, it plays sharper than most Haynes flutes from the same period. It is in very good condition, pads are covering well, some tarnish from use.

The embouchure hole measures 10.21 x 12.19 mm.

The flute weighs 390 grams.

Please see detailed photos below.

Sorry, it is sold.



















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