Haynes S/N 1167

Wood C Piccolo

Wm. S. Haynes wood piccolo serial #1167(?), made in 1907, conical grenadilla wood body and headjoint, silver keys, Bb shake, gold springs, A=440.

This vintage Haynes wood piccolo plays very well.  It is in excellent condition, some tarnish from use. The Valentino pads are sealing very well, low D pops right out, clear high register, very sweet sound. The mechanism is also in very good condition. A small repaired crack on the headjoint, it does not affect how the instrument plays. It comes in its original French case in decent condition.

Maker’s mark and serial number not legible. The serial number used here is obtained from one of the previous owners, a well know piccolo player in a top US symphony orchestra.

The embouchure hole measures at 9.4 x 11 mm.

Headjoint length is 5-1/4”.

The piccolo weighs 153 grams.

Sounding length is 267 mm.

It comes in the original French case.

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $2,000 USD, $55 shipping to USA. International shipping rates vary by country, please inquire.











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