Haynes s/n 1

The First Flute by William S. Haynes

We offer for sale the very first numbered flute made by William S. Haynes in 1894. In 1888, the Haynes brothers made a few prototypes which by their admission were not very good. There was a need for quality Boehm system flutes in America. They improved their craft to the point that the J.C. Haynes Company of Boston (no relation to William) engaged them to start a workshop specializing in handmade Boehm flutes. These flutes were sold under the Bay State label, and we offer for sale serial #1. William S. Haynes made 506 flutes under the Bay State mark and when he finally started his own corporation in 1900, he began the numbering at 507.

Haynes Flute #1 is of cocus wood, sterling mechanism, C foot, plateau cups, B-C trill, an exact copy of Boehm-Mendler flutes, pitched at A=446Hz. Label reads J. C. Haynes, Bay State Flutes, Boston, MA. Over the years the head joint has been lengthened and the flute works quite well at A=440-444. The crown is a replacement, the thumb crutch has been removed for comfort with the holes filled in, and there is a nicely done repair to the E tone hole in metal. The flute has no cracks other than the extended part of the headjoint. There are gold dots for aligning the head and foot to the body. This flute was originally purchased by either Paul Fox of the Boston Symphony Orchestra for a student or perhaps his own use, or for the Rudall Carte Company in London as J. C. Haynes was their main U.S.A. importer. This flute comes in a usable student case.

We consider Haynes #1 an extremely important historic flute and as an added bonus it plays extremely well. Alan Weiss has been the owner and most recently performed on this flute at Tanglewood in 2019. The condition is near mint as it has been restored and maintained by David Chu. The sound is very woody and even. It plays a bit more American sounding than a Louis Lot, which one would expect from an early Haynes. It has a beautiful sound and range of colors. Articulation is quick and varied once you adapt to the response of wood and embouchure.

Haynes #1 is priced at $11,500 USD with free USA shipping—overseas shipping cost is $300 to Europe and Asia. We offer in-house trials only, all sales are final.

Maker’s mark and serial number on body only.

The embouchure hole measures at 10.54 x 11.89 mm.

Headjoint length is 9-5/8 inches.

The flute weighs 455 grams.

Sounding length is 600 mm.

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $11,500 USD with free USA shipping only.











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