Hammig Wood Flute #2539

B. Hammig s/n 2539

A Classic Design Modern Wood Flute

Bernhard Hammig grenadilla wood flute #2539, made around 2010. Silver keys, French pointed arms, open hole, offset G, unlined thinned headjoint with carved lipplate, B-foot, gizmo, Bb shake, split E, D# and C# rollers, double sleeve footjoint connection, steel springs, A=442, 2 end caps, case and case cover.

The Hammig family began producing musical instruments of the highest quality at the end of the 18th century in Saxon Vogtland. Today 24 employees do their handcrafted work in the workshop in Markneukirchen, Germany.

Hammig #2539 is in excellent condition, well used and well taken care of. It has some superficial tarnish on the keys. The felt pads are original from the factory and are sealing well. The flute plays beautifully through out its entire range. The sound is sweet, at the same time, strong and full. It’s resonance and brilliant but not bright, especially in the high register. The flute provides the player with the right amount of resistance. The response is quick and not difficult to articulate. No crack.

While most modern American and Japanese wood flute makers choose to use metal-to-metal joints, Hammig prefers the traditional cork joints. The cork joint array is the tried and true method used by Theobald Boehm, Louis Lot, Haynes (modern and vintage) and many others. All high end wood piccolos produced today also used cork joints between the headjoint and the body. The extra care requires to produce such joints is well reflected in the rest of this Hammig flute.

Very few Hammig wood flutes are produced and fewer are made for the US market at A=442. It would be a privilege to own #2539. The price is $9,500.

Maker’s mark and serial number on body only.

The embouchure hole measures at 10.26 x 11.81 mm.

Headjoint length is 8-7/8 inches.

The flute weighs 584 grams.

Sounding length is 631 mm.

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $9,500 USD, $75 shipping to USA. International shipping rates vary by country, please inquire.












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