Godfroy s/n 524

A Very Important Flute from 1857

This is a very rare cylindrical wood Godfroy made in 1857 according to the dating research of the late David Shorey. Cocuswood wood,  silver French keywork and fittings, Dorus G#, C-foot, B/C trill, blue steel spring, small keys, Paris Opera pitch. 

Vincent Godfroy was the brother-in-law of Louis Lot. In 1845, they created the Société Godfroy fils et Lot. By 1847, they were making the new cylindrical flutes just invented by Boehm. Their partnership only lasted until 1854. Our Godfroy #524 was made a few years after Louis Lot’s departure. Godfroy and Lot both produced the most exquisite flutes with the highest level of workmanship and unsurpassed aesthetics. The graceful small keys adorned all their flutes, it was the norm until larger cups were used in the coming years. Their rivalry might be more friendly than severed as they comfortably shared the monopoly of producing the Boehm flutes in France until 1862 when their exclusive licensing with Boehm expired. 

Godfroy #524 is very well preserved, a time capsule example. At the moment, it does not play below an A due to old pads. However, the flute had a very good life as it was with the same family for two generations. There is no crack in the wood. The silver keys are crisp, once the light tarnish is removed, they will look like new. There is no rust in the mechanism and no unsightly marks on the hinge tubing that is so often left by careless removal of the pins. These are the signs of zero run in with inferior repair people – they are the main reason why there are so few pristine original vintage flutes left to buy. The embouchure hole is untouched, small and has a beautiful intimate sound when we tried it on a later wood Godfroy. The scale length is A=446Hz with the headjoint pulled out about 2 mm. It comes in its original case with Godfroy’s name and address artfully engraved on the latch plate. The two end caps may be a later reproduction using the original rings. The grease pot is another welcomed accessory.

Maker’s mark on headjoint and body; serial number on headjoint only.

MARK: (head)/CLAIR/Godfroy aîné/A PARIS (in oval cartouche)/CG (monogram)/524/BREVETÉ

The embouchure hole measures 9.96 x 11.53 mm.

Sounding length is 587 mm.

Headjoint length is 9-1/8”.

The flute weighs 358 grams.

Please see detailed photos below.

Price is $8,500 USD, $55 shipping to USA.

























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