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For Sale

        Cooper 9K Gold Headjoint S/N 4-93

        Godfroy Cylindrical Cocuswood Flute S/N 524

        Hammig Grenadilla Wood Flute S/N 2539

        Haynes Wood C Piccolo S/N 1167

        Haynes Commercial Model Silver Flute S/N 14418

        Haynes Handmade Silver Flute S/N 45367

        Haynes Boxwood Piccolo S/N 46976

        Haynes C-Footjoint

        Lamberson White Gold Flute S/N 212

        Louis Lot Wood Flute S/N 1200

        Louis Lot Silver Flute S/N 4464

        Mehnert 5% Gold Silver Flute S/N 2619

        Powell Silver Flute S/N 74

        Powell Silver Flute S/N 901

        Powell Silver Flute S/N 4386

        Worswick Silver Flute S/N 7

        Yamaha Gold Flute S/N 222

Appraisal Letters is pleased to provide our existing customers with complimentary current appraisals for any direct purchases.

Prospective new customers needing letters will be charged $100 per instrument with the letter to include all information about the flute, history (if known), and median market value. If a customer subsequently purchases or consigns a completed flute sale from within 30 days, we will gladly credit the $100 from your total amount.

We offer letters for most Boehm system antique flutes for companies no longer in existence. For appraisal letters on vintage Haynes or Powell flutes, please contact those companies directly.


For more information please email Alan Weiss at